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Chapter 1 The Journey Begins

Chapter 2 Government 101

Chapter 3 History of American Income Taxation

Chapter 4 Understanding Our Court System

Chapter 5 Legal Research: Finding the Truth

Chapter 6 Pro Se: Going it Alone

Chapter 7 Brutal Injustice: Tyranny at its Best

Chapter 8 The Journey Ends

Exhibit A Sawukaytis v USTC Request for Admissions & Reply

Exhibit B Frazier v USTC Request for Admissions & Reply

Exhibit C Freedom of Information Act Response for 1996-1999

Exhibit D FairTax Impact on Farming and Ranching

Exhibit E FairTax Impact on Charitable Giving

Exhibit F FairTax Impact on Global Economy

Exhibit G FairTax Impact on Healthcare

Exhibit H FairTax Impact on New Housing

Exhibit I FairTax Impact on Interest Rates

Exhibit J FairTax Impact on Seniors

Exhibit K FairTax Impact on Small Business


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American Tyranny:  Our Tax Apocalypse 

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